Wednesday, October 24, 2007

An Ode to My Least Favorite People On Campus

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As some of you may or may not know my friends and I specialize in writing Broetry when we're bored at work. We then email our pieces to one another. Broetry is best described as poetry from a frat boy perspective. To read more Broems click here for my official Broetry Post. Do so, they're hilarious! Here are some of my favorite examples of our past work:


You were a legend even before your
legendary album,
It's possibly your only album,
I'm not sure, I didn't check.

Though we never met
I feel like we're bros.
Because I have that poster,
where you are smoking that huge joint.
I bet it was 4:20 when they took
that picture.

Up in heaven,
Rip a bong hit with Jah for me
(I bet he gets the kindest bud),
And remember to tell Jerry,
"You are missed."

"falling water"
it's like dave once said:
'crash into me'
but, seriously bro, if you bump me again
i will kick your fucking ass

1 comment:

pdxprofessor said...

bro, my little crush on you has just expanded into a full-blown infatuation. you are a gem, i tell you, a real star.