Monday, October 8, 2007

S&M/LeatherFest Makes the News

AM New York Newspaper was on the spot yesterday and published an article this morning of the West Village's Leather Festival. The crowd was fairly mild with most people inside drinking and enjoying themselves. Shirtlessness and leather attire was definitely prevalent (thank god!) Apparently, some West Village residents were upset over the scene visible to any pedestrian or child. To that I say, "get over it and keep walking." Uh, hey, New Yorkers when did it suddenly become a surprise that festivals like this happen here, and yeah, in the West Village?


Riot said...

that's all? what about some pics of all the bears (me included)?!

Shane said...

"Some of the West Village RESIDENTS." That meaning people who live in the West Village, like myself. You're basically saying that if you live here and don't like what you see in your neighborhood then you should just shut up and ignore it. I really don't understand that attitude, especially from someone who is always talking about diversity and respect.