Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pie Anyone?

I LOVE the idea of pieing people in the face as a form of activism. What a sweet, sweet form of activism it is, no? And hysterical to boot! In my opinion it's safe form of telling bonehead politicians and celebrities to eat it while making them out to be the clowns they really are. I don't care if the pie-in-the-face causes change or promotes solution, I just love the idea of pieing as a physical and more memorable way of giving the middle finger. Check out this video clip below. Yes, a little dated but still as powerful as ever. Click here for the history of pieing. Click here for information on who, pie-in-the-face victim, Anita Bryant is and what she stood for.

Sometimes to suppress my anger at current politicians and general celebrity idiots I often sit back, close my eyes and salivate at the satisfaction pieing would bring me.

Who would YOU like to pie in the face?
My current #1 choice is a toss up between: Perez Hilton and Chris Hanson from NBC's "To Catch a Predator."


Tim said...

great idea, let's bring it back!

I'd like to pie 1)Bush or 2)Fred Phelps. I'm sure there are others, but these are the first two to come to mind.

Dennis said...

"At least it's a fruit pie." At least Anita knew how to stay on message.

I would like to pie Ann Coulter, whoever greenlit Cavemen on ABC, and Ann Coulter.

Joe said...