Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Big Apple Dodgeball: 1st Games

Go Spread Eagles!
BAD (Big Apple Dodgeball) the Co-ed gay/gay-friendly Dodgeball league kicked off last night with the first games of the season and a huge amount of fun. There are six teams all together with my team, The Eagle sponsored, "Spread Eagles," and Big Booty Bread Co's, "Booty Ballers," taking the lead. Both teams won 5 games and lost 1. We play every Monday at 7PM at the Tony Dapolito Rec Center on 7th Ave. and Clarkson St.
The other teams are:
Boy Butter's "Butter Balls"
Manhunt's "Manhunt Misfits"
Splash's "The Splashtastics"
David Barton Gym's "Ball Busting Bucks and Beauties"
Gym Bar's "OB-GYMs"
Manhattan Cat Specialists: "The Manhattan Catastrophes"

Afterward, all the teams headed to Gym Sports Bar and proceeded to get loaded. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet the other players and teams. I would have amazing shots of the festivities of both the Dodgeball games and Gym Bar, had my camera not get STOLEN last night. (grumble!) I'll have pics next week.


Riot said...

"they're not stolen, they're put away!"

it really got stolen?? i'm sooo sorry!

Anonymous said...

Too bad their weren't nearly enough teams created this first season. I like many people had been following up on my email updates for months, corresponding with the organizers, waited in line to register in September, and schmoozed with the organizers (in case it helped in the lottery) and didn't make the cut. Less than half of the interested participants candidates were asked to participate.