Thursday, October 25, 2007

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I often talk about the idea that activism needs to be "reinvented.", a gay-politico/events website and blog that focuses on the, "sticky stuff that keeps gay men together," makes mention of the new Chicago based anti-crystal meth organization This organization features a video campaign that focuses on, what I believe is a, "reinvention" of getting people's attention. Go to, click on "campaign" and view video #1. The video features a type of in-your-face, sneak attack performance that I believe sinks into the skulls of apathetic gay and ignorant gay men. It's definitely worth checking out.

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Eric, you're a sexy man - well, also still a kid, no insult intended. I enjoy keeping up on your current preoccupations and, honestly, seeing your mug and the rest of you.

But watch it with the self-appointed activism. I lived through enough of the late 80s and early 90s to believe, firmly, that "activism" often amounts to a form of self-actualization or just plain old acting out.

You may be the greatest thing since John (the apostle) spread his legs, but think twice before you decide the world needs *you* to tell it which gay men are apathetic and ignorant - in your own words of this post.

When you figure out a way to work *for* people (rather than *speaking for* people), without judging - then you'll be onto something.

Don't mean to sound harsh - trying to be concise and specific. Carry on.

LifeLube said...

Hi there!
Thanks for posting on this. Just for clarity, the Crystal Breaks campaign was launched by the Chicago Crystal Meth Task Force in 2005 - so it is not exactly new anymore. In fact, we are planning to retire the imagery and messaging of the campaign for something that is more holistic and asset-based as part of the new 5-year initiative here called Project CRYSP (crystal prevention) which is about promoting all-around health as much as it is about trying to prevent the initiation of crystal use. LifeLube (blog and site) are components of this new focus. Really glad you dig the campaign though. The video you mention is how we launched the campaign and occurred at our very popular North Halsted Market Days and featured Lady Bunny.
Jim Pickett,
Co-chair, Chicago Crystal Meth Task Force

Bloggernista said...

We definitely do need to be figuring out better ways of reaching the diverse sub-groups that make up the gay/bi male community. What works for me may not work for you and we should let go of the notion that it should/would.

New and social media offers big opportunities for reaching men who we know are cruising online for hook ups. Kudos to Jim and the Life Lube team for taking up the challenge.