Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Big Apple Dodgeball: Game 2

Last week, my team The Spread Eagles, tied for first place with the burly and boisterous, Big Booty Bread Ballers. This week, after a 2 to 1 loss to the Ballers and a 2 to 1 win against the David Barton's Ball Busters, the Spread Eagles have landed in third place. Taking the lead is Big Booty Ballers and taking second is The Butter Balls with their 6-0 win. Our team captain, Jason Saft, awarded the The MVP Hanky to, "none other than Stephen Osada (guy in harness) who was a force to be reckoned with last night."

As it was last week the night was incredibly fun, friendly and competitive. Not only does dodgeball offer a healthy alternative to meeting people outside the bar scene it also mixes men and women of all sub-genres of the gay and straight community together under one roof.

Afterward all the teams headed to Gym Sports Bar to celebrate our wins or drown our loses. I got involved in a heavily competitive game of flip cup, a college-esque drinking game, and found myself an hour later stumbling home.

Good games everyone!

The Manhattan Catastrophes


The Butter Balls

Flip Cup with 1 Splashtastic (red) 2 Barton Ballers (maroon) 1 Spread Eagle (black)


Greg said...

Congratulations on the 3rd place!

Riot said...

I'm soooo good at flip-cup! We need to play ASAP

John said...

...pondering why all the other team pics are small and the one with your sexy self up front and center is humongous? lol. you're so vain and I'm not complainin'.

Jessica said...

I sooooo joining next year - if I can.

Blogger said...

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