Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Myspace 1's-and-0's in on Web Series

The inevitable next step of media evolution is upon us as MySpace.com debuts their first official web series. This is the first time the massive social networking site is co-producing a scripted show. "Roommates" is a scripted faux-reality show following the lives of a tightly knit group of post-graduate girls living their lives after college. The series includes 45 webisodes at three minutes each, with a new show debuting every Monday through Friday until December 2.
Despite the fact webisodes and web-media is nothing new per say, this does mark an exciting and interesting time in media history as websites now have the power to become production companies. Working in "the industry" myself this could potentially mean more jobs, new titles, a decrease in production costs and a larger platform to exercise creativity. Young, and often broke, filmmakers no longer have to wait and stand the bureaucratic process of network executives either green-lighting or passing a project, we can do it ourselves and use the power of free social networking sites to market our content the way we want want to do it. This is the new direction of media and it's limitless.

My good friends over at Test Pattern Media have already harnessed this power and created the IFC webseries "Getting Away With Murder," a pulp-comedy series about a Jewish kid living with his mother who moonlights as a hit man. Test Pattern does incredibly cool stuff and is a front runner of this utterly new wave of web-based media. Check them out at the appropriately named, EndofTelevision.com, where their motto is: "We write shit. We shoot shit. We put it on the Internet."

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