Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Caliente Cab Co. Restaurant: Eat This!

Aside from crappy food, Caliente Cab Co. just got served with a lawsuit! Metro New York Newspaper is reporting on the story of "A lesbian who says she was ejected from a female bathroom in a West Village restaurant after being mistaken for a man filed suit yesterday on anti-discrimination laws. Khadijah Farmer, 28, visited the Caliente Cab Company Mexican restaurant on June 24 — the day of the Gay Pride march. While she was using the women’s restroom, the suit alleges, a male bouncer began pounding on the door and asked her to leave because he thought she was a man. Farmer said she offered the bouncer her New York State ID as proof of her gender, but was tossed out anyway."
I reported on this gender discrimination story awhile back when The Queer Justice League (QJL), an organization I occasionally work with, protested and actioned outside the restaurant every Sunday during brunch to bring awareness of the issue to New Yorkers and both current and potential customers. In all honesty, I never thought the action would stick and voiced at meetings that the Queer Justice League might want to focus on another action. But, like the food at Caliente I have to eat shit, admit I was wrong and appalued The Queer Justice League for their first official success and commend all members who believed in this action! Although QJL is not mentioned in the article I know their support in this issue helped to bring it where it is today. I also pat the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (TLDEF) on the back for filing the suit. The TLDEF, "alleges the restaurant “knowingly and intentionally” broke discrimination and human rights laws by ejecting Farmer, action it says caused “embarrassment, humiliation and emotional distress.” The suit demands a “permanent injunction” against gender discrimination at the restaurant, as well as compensatory and punitive damages in an amount to be determined at trial." Congradulations to Khadijah Farmer, TLDEF, and The Queer Justice League for sticking it through and bringing this case into light!

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