Monday, October 15, 2007

Splash Bar New York to Bash Victim: "Leave"

Ramone Johnson, gay lifestyle columnist for and author of the column "What would you like to know about Gay Life" was gay bashed outside of the wildly famous and popular Splash Bar New York. Read Johnson's personal account of what happened here. After being punched in the face and kicked in the stomach Johnson retreated to the bathroom of the club to collect himself until a bouncer had found him and told him to leave. Yup, that's right. Leave. On his way out Johnson spotted one of the managers and pleaded with him not to make him leave. The manager's response: "I don't know anything about that!" and sent him back out onto the very streets where Johnson had been physical assaulted only moments ago.
That's right Splash Bar, continue what it is you do best, doing absolutely nothing for the gay community. I'm glad your establishment proved itself completely uninterested in the protection of your own clientele. You're only interested in our money. Your club sucks, it always has. Fuck you.
Gay men of New York do yourselves a favor and boycott this piece-of-shit establishment.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you that Splash is awful. I never go to that dung-hole.

farmboyz said...

We've never been, and now I guess we never will. Don't think we missed much.
PS: this kind of story always has at least two sides. Has the bouncer or the manager made any comment?

Joshua said...

it isn't fag bashing when it's two fags. i was there and saw it - nothing to write home about.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you guys, i dont know who are worst, the bartenders,the bouncers or the management?

I'll start for the "BARTENDERS", that after over 5 years of me been the costumer that im, they dont even know my name, and any of them,had never invite me a drink on the house, their are so fake!

"BOUNCERS" yes they soposed to take care of the security of the bussiness, but most of them dont know shit of what they are doing!they are so unprofesional,that take theyr ego so far, as far that they get brutal most of the time!, 1 night last year i saw this older looking black security, man touching the leg of a intoxicated girl dancing on a plataform, down stairs, the girl was that drunk that she didnt even noticed!

"MANEGAMENT"well i see them running up, and down, but when you have a question, and/or a complain they seam careless! a bout you, and some time i woundered if the do someting about your situation.

well i havent come to this place in long time, i realy hope that they do some thing about the isue, specially about the "BOUNCERS,& SECURITY"personel un responsability, and and hope that they become more friendly and profetional with the costumers.