Monday, October 1, 2007

Leather Weekend Makes the Post

I was reading the NY Post on the downtown A train and smiled upon seeing the mention of NYC Leather Weekend, thrown by organizer and familiar bear-in-the-crowd buddy, Robert Valin. Holla! See ya there.

Here's the NY Post blurb:

S&M Fair to 'Hit' Village
By Christina R. Fagen (ha! "fag"en!)
"October 1, 2007 -- A public flogging will bring some to their knees on the West Side next week - and they'd better love it. The city's first-ever, kinky-sex street fair will feature open-air flogging, hard-core leather-whip types and punishment fans in cowboy chaps."It's a celebration of leather and fetish," said New York Leather Invasion group leader Robert Valin, one of the organizers of the Oct. 7 event on Weehawken Street near the West Side Highway."

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