Tuesday, October 30, 2007

20 Busted in Westchester Restroom Sex Sting

Here we go again:
Eyewitness news is reporting:

"Twenty men have been arrested in a sex sting at a Westchester County highway rest stop, including a Catholic priest, a registered sex offender and a local Rotary Club president."

Now just sit back and watch how the gay community, people who are "out" and lead open and honest lives, get their name and community dragged through the dirt because of a few repressed and/or thrill seeking people.

I have no problem with cruising or public sex. I do have a problem with people thinking restroom sex is a trait of the gay male. It's obviously much more of a priestly trait, no?

UPDATE: According to this article by the Journal News
"With the exception of Mead, all of those charged are married, police said. Although most of the illegal activity takes place at night, the crimes occur throughout the day, Lutz said."


Go ahead, come on. I'm dying for it. Just go ahead. Tell me this is something "gay" men do. Again, as my previous post suggests: Gay men don't get caught in bathrooms, "straight" men do!


Greg said...

And they were all just looking for some toilet paper, right? If this keeps up, people will be forced to wear Depends instead of using the restrooms.

farmboyz said...

God, don't we hate those stainless steel stall dividers. I can't count the number of drill bits I've ruined trying to cut glory holes through those things. And then, the metal edges. Ouch.

Ellen Keiton said...

That's not cool..I am gay and my partner never done this.