Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Interview

Michael Crawford, author of Bloggernista, took notice of my HIV/AIDS Prevention PSA sometime last week and contacted me to get my point of view on things. I was honored to be recognized and answered Crawford's questions honestly and openly. He also tagged me to a big LGBTQ Blog entitled Bilerico.com of which he is a daily contributor. It feels good to know my efforts were not consumed by a black hole and his recognition only makes me feel as though I've got to keep going. Thank you, Mr. Crawford.


LifeLube said...

Hey there, we also just posted it on the LifeLube blog. Definitely not getting lost in a black hole - keep up the great work.

Jim de LifeLube

Bil Browning said...


Your video is simply spectacular and your interview is fascinating as well. It's our honor to have you as the You Gotta See This video at The Bilerico Project and to run the interview. Michael specifically asked us to hold the video until he could also put up the interview; it was a great choice. (Also explains why he was recently promoted to Associate Editor of the TBP!)

Let me know if you'd ever like to cover bear issues for us! :)

Michael Crawford said...

Eric, what's with the "Mr. Crawford" crap? Its Michael.

You are doing awesome work and its really exciting to see. Keep it up.