Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Some Bears Say More than Woof

Meet Kendall, a Buffalo NY based Singer/Songwriter, performer, comedian, spoken-wordsmith, bear-hunkosauras activist of sorts.

I first came across (get your minds out of the gutter) Kendall when I was surfing through video footage on the A Bear's Life Magazine video gallery. I saw this video here (which I can't post nor find on youtube but strongly suggest you take a look at) and instantly became a fan. Kendall is currently touring with a group called Bears On the Run, a collection of Bear singer/songwriters and performers possibly coming to a city near you soon. If you're a heavy youtuber you may remember Kendall for his hit comedic song "Hip Hop Dykes." Click here for Kendall's Youtube Page where you can view all his skits, songs, and performances. Who doesn't love this?

I'm including Kendall's latest video Bears below but I highly recommend checking the video on Bear's Life Mag that I mentioned above in addition to viewing this one.


Mike - said...

Bears on the Run will be in Austin later this month. I'm looking forward to seeing them. Kendall is great!

Ben Wah said...

uhhh - sorry, but that sucked.