Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Big Apple Dodgeball: Game 3

In the third week of the Big Apple Dodgeball league all teams showed up confident and ready to kick ass. Balls were being thrown harder than ever, teams disputed with refs and cheers and boos were heard louder than ever before. Yup, "the game" has finally begun.

As of last week, my team The Spread Eagles, were tied for third with the OB-GYM's. This week, after our 4-to-2 win against The Splashtastics and The Manhattan Catastrophes, we may still only be in third. Check here for last week's standings. They are updated every Thursday.

Last night, first place team Big Booty Ballers, may have slipped into second place as the Butter Balls reigned terror on them and Barton's Ball Busters . The first official injury of the season occurred last night too with the broken pinky finger of Eyal Feldman. Whatcha gonna do next week, big man? BRING IT!

As is becoming tradition many of the players headed to Gym Sports Bar in Chelsea to share pitchers and pizza while getting into several rowdy games of Flip Cup.

UPDATE: According to the BAD website official standings, The Spread Eagles are in 2nd place. holla.

Mark, the official organizer and hottie Referee for Big Apple Dodgeball

Refs dispute with The Spreads: "NO throwing balls at someone's head!!!"

Post game flip cup madness

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