Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lance Bass: more like, Lame Ass

You're a douche!
So Lance Bass, former pop-singer for boy band Nsync, now turned gay icon, comes out of the closet and writes a book about his poor, sad, oppressive upbringing and celebrity status while floating through interviews and media attention as if he's some sort of leader or hero. Sorry dipshit, you're neither. You're a pussy.

It's important to remember that Lance Bass denied and hid his sexuality until he was forced out of the closet by celebrity blogsites and tabloid newspapers. It was only until then that Mr. Bass suddenly becomes "Out and proud." And, subsequently gets handed the HRC 2006 Visibility Award. Fuck that and fuck him! Save the, "ohh you're sooo brave, such a hero, such a leader," credit for the kid in high school who chooses to come out and not the post-celebrity trying to regain his 15 minutes after being forced out!


Riot said...

I'm 100% in aggrement with you! HRC giving him the visibility award for the year was just plain stupid! Someone being forced to come out of the closet should NOT be the face of queer visibility!!

On a side note, I'm not a fan of you using the word "pussy" to insult him, as the word pussy is a strong, powerful word that should be used in such a way. Using "pussy" in a derogatory way, helps further the idea that womyn's bodies are dirty, shameful and insulting. Feminist lesson #17 by the always educational Riot!


CraigF said...

Tedious, isn't he?

Dennis said...

Thank you! At this point, Lance is only famous for being gay and while I'm glad he's out, he is hardly a role model.

And don't even get me started on Anderson "I Don't Like to Talk About my Private Life" Cooper.