Saturday, September 29, 2007

Parade Without a Permit Rally

With a huge turnout of people, wonderful signs, loud drummers, banners, fliers and information about the action the Parade Without A Permit Rally was a tremendous success (and a helluva lot of fun!) People gathered at the fountain in the center of Washington Square Park, amidst a growing police presence, and began handing out stickers and fliers to everyone. The drummers took their stance behind the banners at the front of the mass and began walking out of Washington Square, through the West Village and up to Chelsea in boisterous chants and drum beats. The crowd, well over 200 people caused a stir in the West Village causing people to come out of their apartments or current restaurants and watch the parade. The spectators were immediately given a flier and quickly brought up to date on the issue. The police were tremendously cooperative. They kindly listened to the organizers about what route the parade was headed next and they would run up ahead and stop on-coming traffic for us to continue rallying safely. Thank you.

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