Monday, August 13, 2007

Mexican Food Hates Gays!

Day 34...

...My hand snapped at my alarm clock this morning, or um, afternoon like a rattlesnake attacking a mouse. It was noon and in less than an hour I had to be in the West Village to help out and document the Queer Justice League's action against Caliente Cab Company. I groaned at the idea of putting my clothes on and walking to 7th Avenue. I sat up and felt the weight of sleep still on my body and collapsed back onto my mattress for another 2o minutes. At 12:20 I fling myself awake in one of those how long was I asleep?!?! panics. I turn on the shower and let some cool water hit my face. I'm awake. Sort of. I grab my clothes, backpack, and jog-walk to 9th St. for a much loved and needed cup of Mud Coffee.

Mud Coffee is on 9th St between 1st and 2nd ave and it is, hands down, New York's best coffee. I highly recommend it. It's delicious and each cup comes with a superman's dose of caffeine. When I was only a "sometimes" coffee drinker a single cup would have my flying through the next 4 hours and lead me to believe I was the single-most creative person on the planet. Now it's just the bare minimum to get me through my day. My roommate argues that 9th st. Espresso has the best coffee but because of it's East of Avenue C it simply doesn't show on my radar.
I get my ice coffee and savor the first sip knowing that once I begin fast-walking again I'll swig it down like fuel to match my pace. I walk directly through Washington Square Park which at this time during the day, with the sun at it's brightest, looks absolutely breath taking.

Finally and sweating I arrive at Caliente Cab right at 1PM. I meet the actioners and they give me a few flyers.
The Queer Justice League is a Queer/Gay rights action group formed this past year after Larry Kramer's 20th Anniversary ACT UP speech. In short, the Queer Justice League, through actions, protests and civil disobedience aims to raise awareness on any current LGBT injustices. The QJL is still trying to introduce themselves and gain members but those who are at the core of it are truly caring, concerned and resistant to the plague of apathy affecting the gay community. I respect them very much and am proud to be one of their members. The latest fight is against Caliente Cab Company Mexican Restaurant for kicking out lesbian, Alisha Farmer. Alisha, who is African-American and has a shaved head was mistaken for a male by a fellow diner who complained a guy had gone into the ladies room. A restaurant worker busted into the bathroom and demanded that Alisha leave. Alisha provided ID that she was, in fact, a woman yet the restaurant still kicked her and her friends out but not before making them pay for their half-eaten meal. When the QJL heard about this they made an oath to picket and protest outside the restaurant every Sunday during brunch until a formal apology is issued. It's always a mix of nerves and excitement when protesting, whether it's a big action or small, just because you never know what's going to go down. However, I am always impressed at the degree to which New Yorkers respond to protesting by gladly accepting fliers, paying attention to signs, or politely ignoring the ongoings. In fact, during our protest we met other actioners from Canada on their way to protest another restaurant for serving foie gras. We all shook hands and wished each other the best of luck.
An hour passed and the action began to dwindle down. We were able to educate a good handful of would-be customers who actually chose to dine elsewhere for brunch. We all congratulated each other on a job well done and I was off to yet another adventure.

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