Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Week Away

We are a week away from the election. I have told myself a million times, "I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do if McCain wins!?" I'm nervous and anxious and just last night I had two stressful dreams relating to the election.

If McCain and Palin take lead of this nation, if the worse case scenario becomes a reality, what am I and the millions like me going to do with all this built up hope? In my case, I suppose I'll just shrug, dig my hands into my pockets and berate myself for giving America the benefit of doubt. "How could I have been so foolish," I'll ask myself. "How could I have let myself become so dizzied by the idea of hope and change and progress in a nation so stuck on racism, ignorance and the almighty dollar?"

But then I'll remind myself that I am fortunate enough to exist in the year 2008 where millions of people and millions of voices screamed and pleaded for change. The year millions of people declared bullshit on modern politics and millions desperately yearned for progress. It would be the year where millions gathered and strived to make history. It would be the year that regardless of outcome, things changed.

We have all seen the video below. But as the assassination plots unravel and people cry out, "I would never vote for a black man" and as the days dwindle down I beg of you to take one more look at it. Look at it to remain inspired, to feel like you're not alone, to cry, to feel that we could all "just get along," to keep our voices heard, loud and clear, and to make sure that we never lose sight of the three words from which all history is made: Yes we can.


rptrcub said...

I hope for the best; I plan for the worst.

In the event that the GOP steals the election, I will not move to Canada (run by a Conservative Party PM right now, BTW. The only thing keeping him from going all the way neo-con is mainly the eastern -- Ontario and Quebec -- and some of the Atlantic provinces).

No one makes me leave my country without a fight.

Ryan Charisma said...


Aside from the rioting in the streets and the fact that most Americans will turn their back on a McCain presidency and he'll be rendered useless as the Democrats still hold at least enough seats in the Senate to filabuster any bill the President & Republican's send until the cows come home.

But there will be riots.

David said...

Breath, baby, breath.

Chris said...

I've had the same bad dreams and thoughts and fears...but I don't think it will happen...Obama will be our president...wish I had the same feeling about NO on 8!!!!!!!!

RG said...

I agree with David - take a deep, deep breath. Good - now let it out! Remember: In with anger/Out with love.

bstewart23 said...

Geez, rptrcub, Canadians reading your comment might get the wrong idea and think you're dissing living our country as somehow not preferable to living in the USA. ;)

And, for the record, it was major urban centers -- and not Eastern provinces -- which prevented a Conservative majority. They actually gained seats in my province, Ontario, a fact about which I am not pleased.

Honestly, if it weren't for our seriously fucked-up weather -- though it's really not much worse than NYC -- Canada kind of kicks all kinds of ass in the areas I need it to kick ass.

Except the weather. The fucking weather.

Anyway, vote the brother in. Yes, you can.

Joey7777 said...

Some of you guys are so racially obssessed. "What will I do, what will I do ?!" Whether McCain or Obama wins, you'll go about your lives exactly the same. And in four years there's another election. I always hated the expression "Get a life..." but....really guys. If there's not enough going on in your real lives that THIS election is it...