Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dodgeball: Bring Your Rage

Tops (L2R): Zak, Mehmet, Robin
Bottoms (L2R) Tim, Vat, Mandy, Capn' Rage, Scott

Trust me. My team knows rage and despite our 3-3 win/loss last night we were a force not to be reckoned with. We played hard and lasted until the last few seconds of every match.

We played The Stonewall Riots at 9PM losing 2-1 but kept them on their feet the whole time and eventually beat them in the last game during the time's up sudden death match.

At 9:30 we were up against the hard hitting GymNasties who we easily defeated 2-1 in the first two games but then swept us out before we knew what was coming. Our last man standing and MVP of the week, Zak, defended our honor by dodging balls like a knife through the air until four balls came at him once and he no other option than to get hit.

Good playing to both Stonewall and Gym Bar.

New standings will be posted later today on BigAppleDodgeball.com

Also check in with GossipGays, an anonymous and mysterious dodgeball reporter who never seems to miss a beat on what's going on behind the scenes of NYC's BigAppleDodgeball League. Less games and much more "playing." No everyone, it isn't me. Sanchez?

Decapatating Dom of the MasterBeaters proved to be one of last night's meanest players

Nikki leads her Pink Ladies of the G Lounge G-Strings in a pregame chant

Steven (AKA Monica: short for Monica Seles because of his grunting powerhouse throwing style) roaring the dodgeball anthem "We don't mess around! Hey!"

Post Playing Party at Gym Bar

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