Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Feeling the hope
You know in the movie Bye Bye Birdie when Conrad Birdie performs "You Gotta be Sincere" in the town center and everyone goes nuts and faints around him?

Well, I was never that type of Barack Obama enthusiast. I'm a cynic. What can I say?

But as long as I have known about Barack Obama I have supported him. I haven't fainted over every word or been swept by him at every step but I believe in him and his ability to reshape this nation. I'm feeling the hope. I'm feeling the future. I am. I truly am.

I want this man to lead our country and when he does it will be a new day for America.


Marc said...

and seriously, when is the last time you felt hopeful about a politician? I supported Gore and Kerry, but never felt that feeling that this person could actually make significant changes in our country and our lives. I've drunk the koolaid, as they're saying, this year. I dare to hope for a better place, a more respectful and respected place, a place I can actually take pride in.

Here's to the next eight years spent rebuilding our nation from the damage inflicted over the last eight.

rptrcub said...

I try to be cynical about all politicians. But I really want him to be president of the United States.

People say he might be another Jimmy Carter. I highly doubt that. Carter came in on a wave of desire of change as a Washington outsider, and couldn't get anything done because he couldn't work the insides of government, and wouldn't. Obama is much smarter and understands the sausage-making process.

I do not envy the job he will have in trying to fix the mess left behind by the worst president, ever.

I will be on needles and pins until election day, and I have a feeling I'll be jittery all night.

Tater said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. This is the first time I have felt an inkling of hope that Idealism and politics can work in synergy to change this country. Every other election I have voted in was an exercise in party affiliation, with no real genuine feeling that change was possible. I feel it this time around, and it's pretty damn remarkable

evilganome said...

I'm very cynical about all of this myself. However, if I don't feel particularly inspired by Obama personally I am encouraged by the fact that he has managed to get so many young people excited and enthused about participating in the process.

There is no real choice in this election as far as I am concerned, we either vote Obama or vote to consign this country to the dust heap of history.

If the Republicans retain the White House we had all better get used to the idea of living in a 3rd world nation.

Mike said...

My vote in the District of Columbia has very little impact on the national election, and I will be voting for Obama, but honestly, I have the dread feeling that gay issues are the first to be thrown overboard when the going gets rough. Frankly, I think the presidency, at this point in time, with the economic meltdown is a major booby prize for the winner. If he presides over a prolonged economic turmoil plus more instability overseas, he might be destined to be a one-term wonder.

David said...

Here here!

WilyCuban said...

The insanity that I would actually want as my leader someone educated, intelligent and discerning on global issues! Elitist? Nah, I actually want someone much, much better than I could ever be (and that's a rather tall order, if I do say so myself...).