Wednesday, October 1, 2008

L'shanah Tovah

Happy 5769!
This is Mom and her Brisket. Her brisket is beyond...It's Beyond.

Sister Meredith being all "Barukh attah Adonai..."

Apples and honey for a sweet new year

(Dinner Top: Asparagus, Kasha & bow ties, turkey. Bottom: Brisket (beyond,) Tsimis)

If I am leaving anything out, Little David, please back a brother up.


Joey7777 said...

I'm not Republican, but to give credit where it's due the Log Cabin Republicans were the only gay group co-sponsoring any of the protests against Ahmadinejad during his visit, along with Jewish groups. Were any other gay activists there against a man who wants to kill both gays AND Jews? I'm asking honestly.

rptrcub said...

Happy new year, cubby.

David said...

I didn't go home this year. So no brisket for me.

We always have matza ball soup, doesn't matter what holiday. Rosh Hashana, Passover, Chanukah - we have matza ball soup.

Only thing I can see missing is kugel, noodle or potato. I prefer mine without the raisins.

Anonymous said...

I miss having a Jewish boyfriend. Don't get me wrong, my aggressively-atheist guy is the best ever, but he's never even tasted gefilte with beet-horseradish. That ain't right.

Jay said...

As great as it looks, i don't think i can eat another thing. I'm booking a spot at your table next year ;)


Marker said...

L'shanah Tovah and Happy 5769 to you as well E Leven, you total mensch.

You are fortunate to have a mother whose brisket is beyond. Mine - not so beyond. And I'm totally with David re: no raisins.

Great post. Me hungry now.

[Sorry to interject this here, but Joey7777, the LCRs have no credibility whatsoever. None. So what if they protested Ahmadinejad? Thanks. How about taking care of things here at home first? In October 2008, they still want to elect Grandpa Simpson and Bible Spice - what more need be said? No, Obama/Biden are not perfect, but they're light years ahead of those two Xtianist freaks, and now is not the time for trying to make another Nader-esque "statement". As Sarah (. . . Silverman) says, "Vote for Obama: Gonna visit Grandmama. Vote for McCain: To me you're a shit stain."

Paul said...

Metsuyan! Shanah tovah, ya zvi yafeh ;)

[Also, in reference to Joey7777- I'm a persian Jew, and I can tell you quite cogently that Ahmadinejad, while a Persian Bush and flagrant homophobe, was misquoted ad nauseam about his remarks towards Israel. The media as well as evangelical-zionist rah-rahs took the mistranslation and ran with it. I do not subscribe to your warmongering lies and resent your insinuations.]