Thursday, October 16, 2008


A series of haikus:

Two men sit on stage.
In front of the world one seems
fresh, the other, old.

What have we come to
When our crumbling world rests
On Joe the Plumber?

The man who makes oil
A green opportunity
Sees a bright future.

Eye rolls and short fuse
Only makes you look one way:
Grumpy, grumpy, old.

Impatient and Curt
Are two mouths no longer fed
At Gaia's table.

Best line of the night:
"Parents turn off the TV."
Drink knowledge juice box.


rptrcub said...

The scribes reveal
Joe the Plumber a fraud
Great revelation.

Michael Diamond said...

I thought it would have been a lot better if Joe the plumber was named Mario.