Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Wake Up Call: Groove is in the Heart

I was groggy but now I am:

By the way, how much do you love her dancing at 2:35?

It was either this or Le Tigre's Deceptacon but my friends are pissed off at me for singing it all.weekend.long! What?! It was stuck in my head! "Who took the bomb?" Dunn-dun-dun-da-da-dun-dun-dun (clap, clap, clap, clap!)



James Figueiredo said...

Aaah, Dee-Lite - That brings back memories!

I first heard of them around 1990, when they were announced to be a part of the line-up for Rock in Rio II. I was around 15 at the time, but it struck me as odd that they were selected to play at a (basically) rock festival (though Prince and George Michael played, too, so...).

I fell instantly in love with them the first time I saw the video for Power of Love (and can you believe that didn't struck me as totally indicative of pure gayness??), and "Groove is in the Heart" became my favourite song for the next couple of years.

And, yes, she is ADORABLE dancing at 2:35, but Dimitri dancing at 3:10 is still the most fun dance of the video, IMHO!


Blue Eyed Texan said...

who wouldn't want a succotash wish??

The chills that you
Spill up my back
Keep me filled with
Satisfaction when we're done
Satisfaction of what's to come
I couldn't ask for another

No I couldn't ask for another
Your groove I do deeply dig
No walls only the bridge
My superdish, my succotash wish

I couldn't ask for another
Uh-huh uh-huh

Anonymous said...


For a song that came out 18 years ago, it still makes me happy.

Ryan Charisma said...

Ah youth.

I remember dancing to this in Quest & Mars here in NYC. Ah those were the days.... (sigh) I confess I was a club kid. We would stroll the sheep meadows by day, and become club creatures by night. I recall hanging on the second floor of Mars in the back with all the pretty/ugly club kids and the "twins" dealing out of their lunchboxes.

I remember them later on TV denying that they dealt drugs. Ha! And Then, the famous murder that the movie Party Monster was based on. Glad I stayed on the fringe of all that.

(sigh) good times.

Groove is in the heart, HIPPYCHICK!