Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Friday: Britain's Next Bear Model

Get out! No really, get out!

I'm surfing Bearotic today and I stumble upon this youtube clip for Britian's Next Bear Model. I thought it was a joke at first but after watching the clip I realized this is the real deal. And it's totally beariffic!

I tried googling "Britians Next Bear Model" but couldn't find any official website for it. All I found were the episodes via youtube. However it does seem to be sponsered by a site called, a London based bear/cub entertainment-focused website.

Now, this isn't entirely safe for work- it's PG-13 bordering a R rating but it's definitely worth a look on merits of both camp and bearness.

Below is episode 1 - which establishes the series and introduces the characters:

Here is the episode I originally discovered, episode 5. "The Bear Underwear Photo Shoot" episode. ooooh!

I wonder if Tyra is going to drop by and coach them on woofing with their eyes.
"This is woofing. This is woofing with your eyes!"
By the way, I'm totally gunning for Raff and/or Sean.


Anonymous said...

Yummy underwear models! Grrr.

mail said...

i like Des first and then Raff. However i am not a bear so my opinion is limited to being an outsider not interested in labeing of any kind.

ken said...

here's a link where you can see episodes 2, 3 and 4. woof!

Jay said...

Not into bears but i'd say woof to you Eric. You're hot!


bigmick said...

Britains next bear model was directed and filmed by my partner johnathan
with the manbears group and is based in manchester, you can get all 8 episodes on his youtube page

or his main website

hope you enjoy