Friday, October 3, 2008


pal·in·drome –noun
1.a word, line, verse, number, sentence, etc., reading the same backward as forward, as Madam, or Poor Dan is in a droop.
That's our Palin. She's the same thing frontwards and back. Yeah, I'm disappointed she performed "better than expected" but I'm glad the consensus seems to be that's all she has going for herself.

To me she seemed rehearsed, programmed and reciting sentences as if she memorized note cards but the critics and analysts seem to have given the win to Biden.

The race is still on and I suppose it's neither good nor bad news that these debates aren't going to change anything dramatically.

I don't know. Call me an asshole, whatever, but I was really hoping she'd sink like a ship. Despite her poise I still don't like nor trust her.

I am most fond of this quote
The fact that Palin made it through the debate without running off the stage shouting, "I can't do this!" should not obscure the fact that there was only one person tonight whom anyone with any sense—even John McCain, I imagine—would trust as President. Biden's performance was strong and, happily, gimmick free. He used no gotcha soundbites, no consultant-driven silliness—a fact driven home by the lameness of Palin's snark lines like, "Say it ain't so, Joe" and—pace, Gipper—"There you go again, talking about the past."

Palin's problem, and McCain's, is that the recent past is crucial in this election. Bush's decisions over the past eight years—to go to war in Iraq, to neglect the war in Afghanistan, to aggrandize the rich and neglect the middle class—created the dreadful moment this country faces right now, and people know that. Fearful for their futures and the nation's, they seem to be looking for something different—and that something involves steadiness, knowledge and some clear ideas about what to do going forward, qualities that Sarah Palin did not display tonight.

You betcha!


Marc said...

Trust me, Eric, you are *not* an asshole for hoping she'd sink last night. You are definitely in very good company on that front!

WilyCuban said...

"Sink like a ship"??? Worst. Simile. Ever.

A properly designed ship should not sink. In fact, it's shipness can be defined by working really hard to not sink.

Perhaps if you had said, "Sink like a ship that has been struck by a torpedo and has begun to take on disastrous amounts of water," or "Sink like a moist bag of barf," or "Sink like a volkswagen full of a crazy woman's babies," then I would've understood your point about that President Hockeymom from TV.

Ryan Charisma said...

Not making an ass out of oneself does NOT equal victory.

and don't wink at me, it's obnoxious and this ain't American Idol.

bstewart23 said...

I don't hate her.

But I hate what her continued presence in any political capacity -- let alone such a critical position -- says about a much-loved neighbour.

Idiocracy: The Prequel is how one fellow blogger describes it. Too true.

RG said...

I was hoping she's throw-up on herself. But alas....

Homer said...

Only Sarah Palin can protect us from Moose Terrorists. Wink!

rptrcub said...

Sarah's wink was intended for those straight, in-the-rust-belt, blue-collar Joe Six-Packs who are of two minds: they know they should vote Dem for their economic self interests, but really want to vote for Sarah because they're thinking with their penises.

And, as a side note, after the debates, while reeling in pain from a massive headache, I did have an interesting sex dream involving Todd Palin, Beau Biden and a shower.

Mike said...

And McCain is captain of that sinking ship, some right-wing pundits, mindful of their own blab-capital, have started abandoning the ship already.