Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dodgeball: And Black Will Bleed from Their Eyes

The Black Eyed Beat Down
(Tops L2R: Mehmet, Vat, Mandy, Robin, Tim, Zak
Bottoms L2R: Scott, some dude)

Last night David Barton's Bad News shut it down and got 'er done by blowing away both the G Lounge G-Strings and The Henrietta Hudson Hussies in 2-1 victories.

Beating The Hussies is a huge deal as they are BigAppleDodgeball's 1st place team and we're, well, not that. Not even close. But, winning the majority of our games against them last night may have knocked them down a few notches from 1st place. So take THAT! MF'errrrrs!

Our signature team flair, the make-up black eye paint, helps us center our rage and we become hard-throwing, slick dodging, ball catching monsters. You just wait until next week.

It's on.


Brettcajun said...

As a tennis player, I absolutely LOVE these dodgeball posts. It is so nice to see a fellow gay man as passionate about playing a sport as you are. You have convinced me to try to start my own dodgeball team next season. In Baton Rouge, they started the very first dodgeball league this year. I will be sure to sign up in 2009! Keep these hilarious pics coming!

David said...

The eye makeup makes you look like a cross between a gay super hero and a refugee from a goth club. Or a production of Pippin.