Friday, October 24, 2008

Incredible Milk



Marc said...

Thanks, E; that was awesome. I got chills. Can't wait for the movie next month! :)

Ryan Charisma said...

wow - that makes me want to cry.

I feel like he was talking about me when I was a teen.

Beth said...

Eric, a friend sent me a link to this, and I was blown away. Did you put this together, or is it from one of the "No" campaigns? I would love to distribute it as widely as possible.

Knucklecrack said...

I had nothing to do with this video nor the creation of it. I wish I did!

It was created by

Who is Causecast?

Causecast, dubbed "a one stop philanthropy shop" by TechCrunch, is a platform where media, philanthropy, social networking, entertainment and education converge to serve a greater purpose.

It's yours baby - spread it around!

David said...

Very moving. What he could have done if he was still with us...