Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Spread Eagles Fly to Victory!

The Spread Eagles
Champions of the first ever Big Apple Dodgeball League
(Tops: Molly, Julia, Eddie, Todd, Jeff, Steve Jason, Chris
Bottoms: Me, Koray, Vosillious)

We did it! We actually fucking did it! We won! Yes, The Spread Eagles have taken the championship with their winnings last night at the final games!

It wasn't easy. Last night the Eagles went up against previous 1st place team The Butter Balls whom we miraculously swept in a 2-0 win. We were focused, communicating, had amazing encouragement from our Team Captain Jason Saft, threw the balls low, dodged like none other, and made risky but efficient catches.

Next we played Gym Bar's OB-GYMS, a tough team who knows how to catch and how to dodge, but they lacked throwing skills when it came to playing against the mighty Spread Eagles. We wiped them in a 2-1 win.

Since The Butter Balls beat out the monsters of Big Booty Bread the final game was between The Butter Balls and us. It was a nerve-wracking game to be in but our all star players, sneaky Todd , The fearless Molly, The hard throwing duo of Koray and Steve and the cunning Chris Kelly all contributed in smearing out the Butter Balls. We won. We did it! Congratulations, Spread Eagles!

I always knew we had it in us. We started the season off being one of the best teams and we ended being the best team. I truly believe it wasn't just our playing which helped us take the title it was our amazing attitude, our respect toward each other and toward sportsmanship, our kindness to other teams and our fairness on the court. Every Monday night we pledged to communicate with one another and in the end it worked. I can honestly walk away from these courts with 11 great new friends but more than that, a whole league of new friends. Dodgeball, as silly a sport as it may sound, brought our community together into friendship like nothing I had ever seen before. We're a team. All of us. Whether players on a court or an entire community, we're all playing together. Game on.

See you all during Season 2!

And on to flip cup....

Molly, Eddie, Koray, Steve, and me

Our amazing Team Captain, the handsome and hysterical, Jason Saft

Celebration Shots (literally)

The Incredible Second Place team- The Butter Balls

And of course.... post game FLIP CUP


MJ said...

it was great watching you guys come up from behind and take it all. congrats!

Bloggernista said...

Congratulations Eric!

Now that you guys are champions when can we expect the pin up calendar?