Monday, December 10, 2007

Flight Delays Equal a New Form of Getting Lucky

A New York Post article entitled: "Getting De-layed" is reporting that delayed flights are causing more people to socialize, drink and inevitably...hook up.

Philadelphia, Newark, JFK and La Guardia are among the top five "hook up" airports listed in this article. Philly International Airport has a track record of having the most delays and cancellations in the country but also hosts 16 bars, 7 lounges and 57 restaurants. Newark, JFK and La Guardia also hold records for a high number of delays but also share a high abundance of drinking and eating establishments.

There seems to be a direct correlation here because smaller more efficient airports show a lower number of hook ups/dates while also having fewer bars and restaurants.

"Commissioned by AXE, maker of a line of deodorants, body sprays and shower gels, the study found that one out of every 10 respondents (out of a total of 860) has gone out with or knows someone who has gone out with someone they met at an airport."
I am leaving for Berlin on Christmas Day out of La Guardia. If the flight is delayed maybe I can meet a handsome man...or married republican senator.


Dennis said...

Axe is commissioning studies now? The hell?

bstewart said...

"Hey, man, you look like you could use some help with that."