Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listening?" As if We Have a Choice

I just returned from lunch at a typical NYC diner where along with the food I had to swallow the relentless barrage of Christmas music sickeningly ubiquitous during this time of year. Of course this same diner, which advertises their amazing chicken noodle soup everywhere, had a Christmas tree and no menorah to be found. Not surprised. Every year, same shit, everything Christmas and a total disregard for everything else. Even in New York, the state with the highest Jewish population in the country.

I returned to my computer and see an email from my friend Wayne who captured the photo below:

Spotted in Balducci's (one of NYC's more high end grocery stores)
Yup, my temperature is definitely rising! Every year I grow more and more resentful toward the idea of American Holiday season and it's because of arrogance and ignorance like this! Literally, for Christ's sake, can someone please take a moment out of their absurd jingle-bell brain and acknowledge that Jewish people don't celebrate Christmas and might be a little put off by the idea that we're forced to consume every last detail of YOUR holiday season.

Tis the season!


jimbo said...

The not-Christmas holidays seem to be observed at various levels of intensity depending on the person. One Jewish coworker told me that Hanukka "wasn't that big a deal" for her. But my boss who is super-Jewish took yesterday off.

Personally, I will be lighting the first of seven Kwanzaa lights this evening in observance of the Seven Virtues of Kwanzaa.

LaunderLust said...

Here via JMG: One of my favorite (wish I had a scan to post or send to you) things of the "Boneless Spiral Ham for Hannukah/Chunakah" (whichever spelling you prefer)ilk came, actually, from an NYC "Kosher" Jewish Deli. It was their catering menu that proclaimed "Kosher" all over itself and yet contained a picture of a deli meat platter containing various meats and cheeses on the same platter. And I, the goy of the office, was the only person to spot it!