Monday, December 3, 2007

Dodgeball: Bring It!

Tonight is the night, ladies and gentleman. Tonight we find out which four Big Apple Dodgeball teams are going to the playoffs and which teams say goodbye.

Lately the games have been riotous and heated! The balls are being thrown harder than ever, teams are going that extra inch for risky catches and the sidelines are erupting with screams and boos.

Only 4 teams make it to the playoffs and my wonderful team, The Spread Eagles, is currently in 4th place. Eek! Tonight we have to Bring our Spread Eagle power against the David Barton Bottoms Ballers and the Throw-hard monsters of Big Booty Bread Ballers.

You want a piece of The Spreads? Oh yeah? BRING IT!

The Eagle Sponsored, Spread Eagles Team:

Tops (Left to right): Me, Molly, Captain Jason, Koray, Chris, Steve
Bottoms (left to right): Todd Jeff, Vasillios, Eddie

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MarraMark said...

you sure you got the "tops" and "bottoms" rows correct? i'm not so sure. just sayin.