Monday, December 10, 2007

Dodgeball: Playoffs

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, we've come a long way, thrown many a ball but- YES - The Spread Eagles have climbed their way into the official Big Apple Dodgeball playoffs! Only 4 out of the total 8 teams get an opportunity to make it into the playoffs and my beloved Spread Eagles will be there tonight to kick-ass for the number 1 spot!

Tonight we have a tough, if not the toughest game ahead of us. We are playing the Slimy, hard throwing, quick dodging Boy Butter Butter Balls and they've got some outrageously fierce players. The Spread Eagles have a few tricks up their sleeves however and after last Friday's team party we're jazzed up, prepared, communicating and ready! As I always say, BRING IT!

Tonight there are some new rules:
Only 4 balls opposed to the usual 6
double elimination bracket
If any team loses 2 games out of three they're OUT!

Spread em wide, Spread Eagles!

The Spread Eagles VS The Butter Balls
(Eagles-Black Knights/Butter Balls- Yellow Pansies)

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