Friday, December 14, 2007

American Heroes

Oh major league baseball, you've really knocked it out of the park this time. News sources over the globe are reporting that 80+ baseball players are exposed in an illegal steroid using spree.

I'm not really surprised and since I never had, or will have, the patience or interest to sit through a full baseball game I really couldn't care less what happens to the sport after this- which most likely will be nothing, but the quote I choose to pay attention to most in all this reporting is in the New York Post article which states,

"Widespread use by the players of such substances unfairly disadvantages the honest athletes who refuse to use them and raises questions about the validity of baseball records..."

That's right. Plain and simple. It's unfair and it's cheating. This is so quintessentially American, honoring those who represent bigness and good ol' Americana winning but one tiny peek under the surface and you find out it's all a big lie and facade.

"America's favorite past time."

Well, you know what, just like everything else "America's favorite past time" has been run through the mud with corruption, scandal and millions and millions of dollars. And here we have all our good ol' red, white and blue American Dads teaching their sons to look up to these players because that's the men they should become! Bullshit!

This isn't about healthy competition, the celebration of sports or achieving goals. This is about the American culture. The American culture that is: millions of dollars, huge houses, outrageously expensive cars, lying, betting, and sliming your way up the system for grand-slam bank accounts. "Fuck you American Public! This is about ME!"

Well if and when this country ever allows me to legally have a child without some idiot trying to tell me I'm wrong, I'm going to teach them to look up to the real heroes: Teachers, writers, artists, and all the other people who will never see the contracts these honored baseball players receive.

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