Thursday, December 6, 2007

Canadian PSA Refuses to Tip-Toe, a Canadian organization focused on serving a wake up call to all employees and companies to be more alert and conscious-minded when working in high risk environments, came up with this startling and hard-hitting PSA.

I don't know whether this was made to be broadcast on Canadian Television or if it was solely created for web-usage but despite the horror it does hit at a core. Yes this ad is horrific and it does border on the impossibility of not being able to predict the future, but it does score "wake-up" points and those can often be invaluable.

If you can stomach it- there are a whole series of these ads. Check out the you tube vid links under the PSA when it finishes.


Greg said...

Very distrubing ads, but I think in general, people have become so complacent with how things are that these types of "scare tactic" ads are necessary to wake everyone up.

bstewart said...

Oh, it's shown on teevee up here in the frozen north. I saw it once while accidentally watching a hockey game. Brutal stuff (both the ad and the hockey game). And their website, to which you linked, is not exactly for the weak of heart, either, even if it *is* all cartoony.