Friday, December 7, 2007

Blog Shout Outs!

If I were only able to go to one person and ask, "what's the latest and greatest in current media and music," Mark would be the guy I'd ask. Mark is a connoisseur of all things media and music while also being passionate about world travel, current events, gay community/rights and general all-around silliness. I also have to mention that he's not only the organizer of Big Apple Dodgeball but he is also one of the most adorably handsome men hanging around NYC. Check him out!

AND, who's hungry?! Good cus I got some beef right here! My good friend Vinnie is all food, all the time, and he blogs about his culinary adventures throughout New York City on his page, Memoirs of an Ubereater. He is an incredible writer who knows good food and knows how to report on it. From burgers to pasta, pizza to cheesesteaks Vinnie has got food covered. If you been meaning to check out a new restaurant or are stumped as to where to go you must consult Vin first. Check him out ( because according to Vin, "if eating doesn't hurt, you're doing something wrong."


Y | O | Y said...

You and your friends are babes! ;)

The Ubereater said...

Leven! Thanks for the shout out my friend. Your account of getting back to the gym after a month off was enthralling. That feeling of damaging your muscle fibers upon the completion of each repetition is very near and dear to me.
Keep working out and keep sending people to
You are the man
-The Ubereater

MJ said...

yo yo ELeven thx for the shout-out bud. see you at playoffs tonight.