Monday, December 3, 2007

Prevention PSAs: Young Men Stepping It Up

Another young gay man uses his Do-It-Yourself power to do what he feels he can to prevent HIV and vent his feelings. 28 year old stud-monster and porn actor, Francesco D' Macho, (NSFW) created this PSA which he posted to his blog on World Aids Day. Francesco's PSA is raw, hard-hitting and exactly what I feel my demographic needs to see in order to realize HIV never went anywhere and is still a tremendous issue affecting our community. The PSA is not *entirely* safe for work but it is a must see.

For a young gay rights and HIV activist, such as myself, to see another young man doing what he can to join the fight empowers me with a sense of hope and brings a tear to my eye. I am relived to know that although seemingly seldom, we are not alone in this battle and people still DO CARE about the ongoing issue of HIV and the wellness of our gay brothers. I congratulate Francesco for speaking his mind and pat him on the back for his brutal and unapologetic honesty.


Bloggernista said...

You're right Eric. This is an amazing video that needs to be seen far and wide. Too much of what passes for HIV prevention campaigns fail to speak to the real issues of love, intimacy, self-esteem and desire facing gay men. We need more honest HIV prevention that celebrate gay men and our sexuality while educating us on how to protect ourselves and each other.

bstewart said...

That does it. I'm getting my autographed photo of Francesco framed, like, RIGHT NOW.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wanna "pat" Francesco on the back too.