Monday, September 17, 2007

Emmy Awards Diss Bravo

I am a huge fan of Bravo reality TV. Highly respecting their "coastal-minded," 25-45 year old, demographics, I believe Bravo has set the bar for all shows focused on design, food, fashion and comedy. Much of their hits, Project Runway, Top Chef, and the oh so steamy, Workout embody a sense of urban hot-pop and features a broad spectrum of both straight and queer cast members. Project Runway was the first hit reality show that actually used its cast members to utilize their talents in order to create a real product.
In last night's Emmy Award show both Project Runway and Top Chef lost out to ABC's The Amazing Race. Working in Reality TV I know and respect the tremendous feat it is to successfully execute a global scale reality production. But in it's 11th season Amazing Race is something we have all seen before and the cast members aren't expected to design or create, rather they just run around in foreign countries acting out the American stereotype by frantically screaming at each other, yelling at non-English speaking cabbies to "hurry! hurry! hurry!" or "follow that cab!" and complete outrageously absurd tasks like the novelty-thinning bug eating.
The award should go to shows which employ innovation and cast produced creativity not the been-there-done-that cast produced stupidity.
All I have to say is: Bravo, Bravo!


Greg said...

At least Kathy Griffin earned an Emmy for her show so Bravo got a little bit o' love.

Anonymous said...

The Amazing Race is on CBS