Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chris Crocker: Youtube Daddy

I've been a huge fan of Chris Crocker ever since my friend played some videos of his for me a few months ago. (Thanks, Brendan.)

Comedian, gender-bender, and activist Chris Crocker celebrates over 3million hits since his latest, "Leave Britney Alone" vlog. It's not my favorite of his videos. But I recommend checking out his youtube page. I find him utterly hysterical and talented. I posted an article a few weeks back celebrating Chris and his potential TV development deals.

Congrats, kid!
here's his latest: Responding to Fox News Media attention

and a classic


brendan said...

oh christ, i love 'its a hair flip.'

"an' you flip dat hair until dat bitch is gone, outta yo mind.'

Anonymous said...

punish a bitch with a stare. snap an pose!

chris is genius; i'm with you on that.


Randa :) said...

ohhh myyyyy godddddd chris is so funny i was laughing so hard i was crying..keep it up chris