Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Call to ACTION!

JoeMyGod's recent post about the increase of HIV rates amongst gay and young gay men has ignited a firestorm on his comment page. I immediately got the sense that people do actually care and are very angry. It's like a ninth grade high-school dance where everyone stands on the sidelines waiting for the first person to dance but until then nobody makes a move. I hope it doesn't sound too frivolous but I'd like to action about this:
Weather depending I'm sure the Christopher St. pier is still packed with those soaking up the last few days of great sun. We take a few friends, make a few signs , lean against the railing and just hold them up. signs saying, "33% increase in HIV/AIDS" "DOUBLE increase in 13-19 year olds" "HIV/AIDS is still an issue" "What are you doing for YOUR community?" and one maybe in the midst of it all stating, "Go ahead, roll your eyes."
I know, sounds a little stale- I'm open to suggestions but I just feel this latest report needs to be validated by something other than just online comments...We can make the signs on the pier day of (sat or sun this weekend), enjoy the sun and make a day of it.
If I can get enough people to join me (minimum 5) I'll confirm by Friday Afternooon 9/14 if it's going to happen, where, and when. Any takers?
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southendcb said...


Fuck that! I'd have been there with you bro. I'm with ya on this one!

Good for you! Keep the fight going!

Screw the 5, let's get 50. Just say where and when.

Rock on!