Friday, September 14, 2007

Call to Action: Nobody Responds

Well, it's Friday afternoon, around 2:30 and nobody has responded to either my action or participating in my action. Whether it's disinterest or my blog not being popular enough I haven't had any responses. Therefore, I'm going to do something on my own. I'll figure it out but I don't know yet.
An ACT UP friend of mine discovered that sex education is not being taught in NYC public schools. This leads to more public funding and thus, abstinence-only education programs. Knowing in my heart of hearts that teens are going to have sex regardless my friend and I may do something as simple as condom teach-ins. I'll let you know what develops.


Joe said...

Hey Babe - if you need condoms, come by Rapture and get as many as you want or need. We have thousands.

Good work my friend.

Kiss kiss bang bang!

Joe said...

I was checking in to see if anyone had responded as well...
I'm one who applauded your initial response to the sad facts and obviously didn't respond to your call to action.

I just watched the NYtimes video feature that you linked to and it helped me see a possible reason for the silence. I feel that when there is a reactionary movement it can't be repeated, for every action there is a reaction and therefore a reaction to that reaction. We are obviously not in the same time and world as those in the early days of HIV/AIDS and need to re-interpret their methods, not copy them.

What was inspiring about your initial response was the ideas on how to get the message across in a new way. The idea of innovation is admirable and inspiring.
I'd glady join you in figuring out new methods to inform a new generation and carry them out.


Anonymous said...

Regrets. Wish I lived in NYC.