Thursday, September 20, 2007

Joan Rivers Stand Up

Last night Eyal, Brendan and I went to see Joan Rivers at The Cutting Room in Chelsea for some classic stand up. This was my second time seeing Joan after winning tickets last year at Lesbian Bingo at Mo Pitkins.
Joan was a bawdy, lewd and crass with her below the belt humor and humorously shallow views on life. She joked on everything from NYC tourists, to Jews, to Gays, to 9/11, to celebrities, and even including a snippet about her "awfully stupid Grandson." She told some of her jokes from last year but remodeled under a new format. She told my favorite joke though: The one where she admits to believing Anne Frank would have sold more books if she acted like any other Jewish Girl and gotten a nose Job. heh. heh.
The tickets were about $25 bucks a pop and the show just under an hour but it was well worth it considering her age and comedic legacy.

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Zeitzeuge said...

She's always been one of those comediens that I would LOVE to see at some point. I had better hurry I guess, considering her age. ;)