Monday, September 17, 2007

Holy Sheet: Rosh Hashanah Party Review

Needless to say, The Holy Sheet Party that a few of my East Village friends and I threw, was a smash(ed) success. DJ Josh Sparber (whose blog I'm stealing these pics from) spun an outrageous party complete with Jewish/Israeli music and of course, The Hora. Everybody was made to wear a kippah or what I often heard "those little hat things" upon entering and for much the night I was in the corner pouring shots of maneschwitz wishing La' Shana Tovah ("for a good year") to everyone.

(top) My Israel traveler friend Danielle and I (wearing my I love Fairfax shirt from my days in LA)
(bottom) Two dogs getting into the Jew spirit.


Zeitzeuge said...

I think that being at a party with so many cute Jewish boys would literally cause my head to explode.

Both of them.

Anonymous said...

wish I had been there. I would have been jewbear hunting