Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jesus Christ Just Give Us the Best Info Possible!

So I've enlisted myself in a young gay men's health project where young gay men, 18-29 such as myself, are asked to come in once a week for a question and answer survey about gay sex, safe sex, and club drugs. I was happy to help. Despite them asking me not to blog about it, the project is wonderful. I do believe it is pretty effective and I hope they get the answers which will aid new generations of gay men.

As I was leaving my second appointment today I was handed a thick and colorful brochure entitled, "The Manual."
"What's this," I asked flipping through the pages.
"It's a go-to for gay sex and all STD info," my facilitator responded.
"Funny, I haven't seen this around. Looks pretty comprehensive."
My facilitator sighed, "You haven't seen it because we have to order them from London, you can't find them in the US."

I shrugged and was on my way. While in the elevator I glanced at "The Manual" in my hands. The cover has two male Ken dolls embracing each other and on the top it states, "A gay men's guide to sexually transmitted infections and clinics." I flipped through the pages and was wide-eyed surprised that it included everything from detailed, easy to read statistics all scaled down to be based out of 100 people, with explanations as to what the statistics mean, an unapologetic use of the words "top," "bottom," "cock," "arse," etc and an A to Z information on every STD out there from crabs to syphilis, warts to thrush and also included a glossary for every term mentioned in the book. It was colorful, hip-lingo'd, and easy to understand.

So why can't we find this in America? Why does it have to be ordered from England? Oh that's right. Jesus Christ.

In America you can't find a brochure like this because everything is draped in religious and conservative morals (bullshit.) Even when a virus affects millions of its country's own citizens. Jesus, actually, rather those who speak for him have seeped so deeply into our society that we're prevented from using day-to-day language in a clinical brochure because it might be "offensive" to some people.

Let's just get it out in the open. Gay men fuck. And they fuck like rabbits. And when they fuck the "top" puts his cock in the "bottom's" ass. Now I use this language every day and I know millions of other gay men use it too. So why isn't it in the brochures that are so committed to keeping us safe? Oh riiiiight..that's because we live in a country where our lifestyle is still being debated and will never remove itself from being considered "immoral." Because of this, the non-profits who usually put these brochures together cannot get the funding they need from the government in order to make them effective. Why? Because our government is ruled by JESUS!

You know what? I'm sorry. I'd hate to take the blame out on Jesus. In fact, I really do believe that if Jesus were to see how his words have been twisted and abused by the people who speak for him, he would be pretty fucking angry. So this is directed to those who believe they speak for Jesus: STOP HURTING US. Leave us the fuck alone. Do what your "good book" says and leave the judging up to Big Daddy Christ. You're not aiding anything but your own simple minded, ideological moral crap that even members of your own conservative party, or most popular evangelicals can't keep up with. In the mean time let us who are REALLY trying to help people do what they need to do in order to save lives! Let us have the most relevant, hard hitting, comprehensive information possible, now! Jesus!


Jessica said...

I checked out the website and noticed that it can be ordered at no cost, or it can be downloaded. I'm def. making sure my gay friends see this.

Anonymous said...

This is another example of why I think that gay men should not simply rely on HIV prevention campaigns that are funded with government money. Sure, we should demand that the government fund prevention programs that are effective and relevant to the lives of gay men, but we can also raise money from other gay men in order to create innovative and more realistic educational campaigns that speak in the language that gay men speak.

I wonder what it would take to do an Americanized version of "The Manual?"

Thanks Eric for calling attention to this.

Anonymous said...

"Gay men fuck. And they fuck like rabbits. And when they fuck the "top" puts his cock in the "bottom's" ass."

Committed Bottom here. I like the way you said that so Forcefully.


NewPrevTech said...

Totally agree Eric! I love the stuff that Terrence Higgins Trust and GMFA (both London-based) put out for gay men. We link to a lot of their stuff on for the very reason you say - we have nothing comparable in the US - and we need this shit! They do great stuff on sex and drugs and all kinds of other stuff - like how to cruise, etc... So so so cool. Will we ever be able to do this in the US? Sure - as long as no government funds are used! Of course, some of our agencies have found themselves in hot water over the years due to some of their materials... Even though they used private funds to create them, the fact that they receive govt dollars put them in the bullseye and led to things like, oh, multiple, massive audits, etc...

Keep up the great work on the blog!

Jim de LifeLube