Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cramped Fist and White Knuckles

Dear all the gay Republicans and "gay fiscal" republicans I ever met,

Are you really going to vote for any of these small minded, out-dated, Jesus loving maniacs? I sincerely hope you consider your choices even if it's "just one or two issues" in the grand scheme of things. I know you may not side with whats become a rainbow parade of a community, or you'd like to keep more of your money, or you choose to remain closeted or consider being gay a small part of your life but this affects not only you but your brothers and the very cocks you either proudly or shamefully put in your mouths. Think about it.

Every gay blogger today is reporting on this clip from the Youtube Republican Canidate's Debate last night. I really had no intentions of throwing my two cents in but after watching this clip again I felt compelled to post.

Here you have religious-political white men speaking for this country. Making sweeping generalizations that everyone who signs up for the military comes from conservative blue-collar Judeo-Christian valued families and who couldn't possibly handle the "unit-cohesion" of serving next to a gay or lesbian person.

This thinking is so utterly flawed, so incredibly backwards, hate-filled and illogical that I am disappointed and mystified as to how anyone in this country can take them seriously. In front of them, they have a man who dedicated 40 years to serving this country and who also happens to be gay. The candidates thank him for his services and then politely shoot him down (and all the others like him.)

Would this country and our country's military have been stronger or weaker had this dedicated man never served? And to you, gay republicans, every time you apply for a job or anything in life where your sexuality doesn't and shouldn't matter - I want you to remember this man, I want you to remember his undying respect for this nation and the amount of disrespect he got from those trying to run it.

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