Monday, November 12, 2007

Bugs Bunny: Very Interesting

Yeah, it's Monday and before the tidal wave of work hits me I thought I'd post something quick.

In post World War I America, mostly between the 20's and 30's, gay men sought each other out by code words and fashion accessories. Although I'm looking into this further, from what I understand those who wanted to alert men that they were seeking other men, men would wear red carnations on the breasts of their shirts or pockets. Other signals used were words. One word in particular, the word "interesting" often meant homosexual or gay. If third parties were discussing a man who was assumed to be gay they wouldn't use "homosexual" or "gay" they'd say, "interesting."
Bugs Bunny cartoons are known to have blatant or hidden gay-themed undercurrents. Everyone has seen Bugs Bunny trick his enemies by dressing in drag or fooling them by playing effeminate roles. In the famous clip below Bugs Bunny, in an attempt to trick the Hairy Red Monster, plays the role of a beautician talking about how he would like to meet "interesting" people.
Check it out:

Note: This is a fast post and one I intend to research more. Some of my facts may be off but for the most part, this is the gist. I will update asap.


Greg said...

And don't forget how often Bugs dresses in drag to fool Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam. In classics such as "What's Opera Doc?, he even acts as a love interest for the other character, albeit in a comic manner.

Dennis said...

I knew exactly what cartoon you were referring to before I watched that clip. Perhaps I watched too much tv as a child. Interestingly enough (I... didn't do that on purpose), the word "interesting" was the least gay thing about the clip.

Bobby D. said...

I love Gossamer-- wish they had put him in more cartoons.