Monday, November 19, 2007

Faux Thanksgiving

left to right: Ryan, Scott#2, Scott, Me, Erika (black,) Brynn (white)
My close friend Scott invited me to an official faux Thanksgiving dinner last night. The dinner, hosted by the outrageously beautiful couple of Erika and Brynn, welcomed all those who weren't getting together with their families for Thanksgiving this year.

I had never met Brynn and Erika before but since Scott has the most interesting, intelligent and eclectic cache of friends over anyone else I know, I knew the night would be fun, festive and abnormal to say the least. Before going to dinner I was excited for two reasons. One, food always makes me happy and, two, Brynn and Erika live in the 190th St. range, and despite having grown up in and around Manhattan my whole life, I had never once made it that far north on the island.

Everyone who has ever told me, "Gosh, you just have to go up there! It's absolutely stunning," is absolutely right! Although I didn't get to see very much I did get the feeling that it was a city away from the city and the pace felt relaxing, communal and unrushed. Also, for the size of Erika and Brynn's apartment, there's definitely reason as to why people make that seemingly long but not-so-long subway ride up there to live. I definitely plan on taking an exploratory trip up there again in the near future.

Upon arrival Scott and I were offered drinks and vegetarian sushi. We scarfed down a few bites, took a few sips and got acquainted. Erika and Brynn are a long time couple, stunning and Erika is currently pregnant with their first child. In their petite and gracious manner I hadn't finished chewing my third sushi roll when I already felt as though I were about to have dinner with a family.

Scott's boyfriend Juan-Jo was next through the door. I hadn't seen him in awhile and greeted him with a kiss on the cheek, a huge hug and a tug on his adorable mustache. Next through the door was our friend Ryan and Scott #2. We were all acquainted, filled our glasses and sat down to dinner. Everything was perfect and vegetarian and quaint. I'm not a vegetarian myself but I do have a profound respect and like for vegetarian based foods. This would be the first Thanksgiving I would ever experience where I would leave the table not feeling overwhelmingly, if not sickeningly, full. The portions were just right. Everything phenomenal. Bean soup with stewed tomatoes, mashed potatoes, butter-nut squash puree, gooey mac & cheese, stuffing and string bean onion casserole. Mmmmmm...Thanksgiving..

After dinner and dessert the gang intermingled between games of Guitar Hero (love it!) and two full rounds of Celebrity (otherwise known as "The Name Game".) We drank we laughed we screamed we shouted and by the end of the night I had gotten more out of this Thanksgiving: that feeling of home, of autumn, of thanks, of friends, of love than many other Thanksgivings in my past. (Don't worry Mom and Dad, you're not doing anything wrong. I love you too!)

There was one thing I kept coming back to again and again throughout the night. On Erika and Brynn's wall hung a black and white photograph of the two girls after just getting married. Both wearing beautiful white gowns and rushing past the pews with smiles which gleamed love and excitement. There was an expression of such ultimate truth within that photo, a symbol of such purity. The purity of two girls, on the best day of their lives, holding hands and walking together toward the future. With every glance it seized my heart and made me melt.

Thank you for the faux Thanksgiving, although what was designed as faux, proved to be more real than most previous dinners I have ever had.

Scott #2, Ryan and I "kicking it."

Juan-Jo and Ryan


Anonymous said...


I just found your blog. Scott finally told me the url. I cannot believe you wrote such sweet and generous words about Faux Thanksgiving. You are the best. I had so much damn fun that night, and so did Erica. You made it amazing - in fact, I got an email the next day from Khue saying she never met such "riotous" boys before.

Come over again soon and hone your guitar hero skills. E will make dinner. :)

So glad I finally found your blog. Off to read the archives.


Anonymous said...

It was divine meeting you! Please come over again soon - better yet, move uptown. It's great!