Friday, March 16, 2007

Ann Coulter is a faggot!

Let's get angry!

Is it me or does everyone seem as though they've just been waiting for the perfect moment to finally have a good nugget of evidence to take Ann Coulter off the stage? Unfortunately, for me, this "faggot" useage isn't it.
Don't get me wrong. I hate the bitch just as much as any of you do, but come on, let's just admit it. What she said was funny! Ok, yeah. I get it. The word faggot is overused and it promotes people to feel ok throwing it around when stated with such nonchalance. And yes, those poor kids on the playground will grow up forever with mental scars because when they were seven, the bully called them a faggot.
Oh get over it!
Ann Coulter wasn't using the word faggot to denounce gays she was making a social commentary on how everything has become so unnecessarily over-politically correct.

I don't see people throwing fits at Sarah Silverman because of the things she says. But then again, I guess she is allowed because, you know, she's a Jew and all.

It's too easy to knock Coulter off her horse because of this, after all, she is who she is BECAUSE of statements like these! Hate her for a real reason- like the fact she's a woman.

Mom, Dad...I'm a blogger.

Wow. Coming out and saying, "I'm a blogger" feels about as strong as my coming out and saying "I'm gay" but this time my parents aren't crying. Well, at least not yet. Saying "I'm a blogger," feels as though I'm admitting to having crossed over a threshold of sorts. Like the I've peeked into the land of Blog and decided to leave my tribe and go with "them", or, that the bloggers have influenced me or infected me to such a degree I feel I must be one of them too.

Here's a little backstory on KnuckleCrack:

I'm a born and raised New Jersey Jew with two sisters and two incredible parents.
I'm the baby.
At 7 I was diagnosed with a strong form of ADD/ADHD and subsequently spent the next ten years of my life on Ritalin. (Five of which in special education.)
At 14 I started to realize I had an attraction to men because the only way I could get through making out with my girlfriend Kristen was by pretending she was Bruce Willis.
At 15 I was using my dial-up Internet to jerk-off to pictures of Jack Radcliff and other older, hairy chested muscle men. I would later learn these men are called "bears." I also discovered amazing friends, booze, marijuana, punk rock and Jam bands.
At 18 I went to the University of Arizona and began to act on my feelings for men by getting off with my English TA behind my girlfriends back.
That same year I came out
That summer I used my fake ID, my big bushy hippie beard and hairy chest to tell everyone I was 22 and sneak into The Lure, The Roxy, and The Spike.
At 19 I was taken under the wing of many older friends and "shown the rainbow" so-to-speak.
At 21 I had already hit every major circuit party in the nation and understood I was experiencing a lot very quickly. I graduated college with a degree in filmmaking and writing and headed out to Los Angeles.
At 22 I had maintained to come out with no adversity whatsoever, had kept ALL my straight friends, and sometimes wished my life could be a little more AfterSchool Special-ish. Oh well.
At 23 many of my friends opened up about being HIV+. This created a passion. I became an activist.
At 25 I moved back to New York City and I'm writing and producing Reality TV shows. I live my life on the intersection of Straight and Gay. That is to say I'm gay but that doesn't seem to mean anything anymore, at least in my generation which is overtly ambi-sexual or carries a high degree of blasexuality. I love who I am. I'm almost always optimistic and ecspecially when the glass is half full with good scotch. I'm not a bear nor am I a cub, but more so, a furry ambassador who enjoys bridging the gap between "bear" and "cub while also making the bear community more applicable for the larger communities.


That's me in a nutshell. My intention for this blog is

Here we go: