Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Will St Leger, a 35 year old artist and activist in Dublin, has combined his two favorite passions into what is now being considered as "Artivism." I love this shit. Click here for his official website. Click here for his myspace page which features tons of art and other projects.

Artivism or Artivists developed mostly during the recent antiwar, anti-globalization and anti-corporation movement as a means of pushing forward political messages and social consciousness.

St Leger is famous for his 100 landmines project, where he placed 100 fake landmines throughout a city to bring upon the awareness of what some troops in Iraq deal with on a daily level. The faux-landmines were found in streets, parks, playgrounds, schools, etc. He also is famous for his almost Warholian Pop social art, which can be found on tee-shirts, wall art, or stencil graffiti.

I welcome artivism with tremendous open arms. I truly believe artivism is a means of focusing, promoting and objecting to current and political events without getting angry, and almost always, causes people to think and develop their own opinions. Congrats to St Leger and all the artivists of the world.

This may ring familiar if you're a fan of Adbusters Magazine. They featured many "spoof ads" in the back issues of their magazines attacking consumerism, materialism, irresponsible corporations and rampant capitalism.

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