Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yawn and Tase: The New Protect and Serve!

"Come on he was naked and holding a fluorescent light at us!"
For cops who have never heard of a ladder or applying effort in their jobs this article should come as a relief! When in doubt and feeling lazy or fed up, just tase!
Police fired a Taser at a naked Brooklyn man armed with only a fluorescent light tube yesterday, sending him falling to his death from a second-floor ledge after he went on a 40-minute rant.

Iman Morales' mom begged cops not to hurt her son, telling them he's sick - then watched in horror as he plunged from the top of the roll-down gate on which he'd been perched.

An Emergency Services officer, acting on the orders of his boss, fired at the 35-year-old man at around 2 p.m., as he waved the 8-foot fluorescent light tube, police sources said.

"His body froze up and he fell face-first," said Sean Johnson, who witnessed the drama at 489 Tompkins Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Morales, who crashed 10 feet to the pavement, died a few hours later at Kings County Hospital.

Asked if police followed the proper protocol for using a Taser, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said, "That's being reviewed."

Kudos Cops! You totally just caused that man's death!

You know, before tasers were invented and permitted to be in the hands of any or every ESO or Cop, the police team on the spot would have had to try to get that man safely down from where he was standing. Sure he would have been detained for awhile but afterward he would have been returned to his mother and the day would carry on. Killing him wouldn't have been an option nor an accident.

What a shame.

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jimbo said...

Whatever happened to those parachute things that firemen held open for people who had to jump out of burning buildings? Maybe they were only ever in the cartoons, but I'd assume emergency crews would have some sort of rescue device for jumpers, crazy people or people jumping out of buildings instead of just a tazer.