Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Flavor: Cloverfield

Unlike our competitors we're REAL Frozen Yogurt and it comes in this super Green "Ecotainer!"
Has anyone else noticed how the city has been taken over by boutique-ish frozen yogurt joints? I thought having a PinkBerry across the street from Red Mango on Bleeker was enough but apparently it's not. Not even close! What's the deal with with PinkBerry and Red Mango anyway? Is there a difference?

Just to set the record straight Red Mango was around before Pinkberry so take THAT Paris/Perez Hilton!

Oh and snap! According to wikipedia:
Red Mango is a frozen yogurt chain founded in South Korea in 2002 that has gained popularity in the United States. The company is known for using natural ingredients in making "authentic frozen yogurt" that is both tart and creamy. Red Mango frozen yogurt is also considered to be healthy — the company announced in 2007 that it became the first retailer of natural frozen yogurt to receive the National Yogurt Association's Live and Active Culture Seal,[1] a certification given to yogurt manufacturers whose products have live and active culture counts in amounts that researchers have determined to have positive health benefits.
The same cannot be said about PinkBerry. However, the almost indecipherable Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen of frozen yogurt that is PinkBerry and Red Mango has now been challenged by several new comers including: Yogurtland, Yolato, Oko and 16 Handles!

Now any New Yorker can expect three things on every block - A bank, a Starbucks and frozen yogurt. Ah, what diversity! Hmmm, I can't decide what I want. Original or Green Tea? Sometimes the choices are just too much!


David said...

It's all so silly. I haven't been to either.

Marky Mae Brown said...

There's some dreary new frozen yogurt kiosk catering to the influx of yuppies on Fulton St. in Fort Greene and every time I walk past it my fists ball up involuntarily. Sparse, unattractive, selling overpriced inane crap.